Bin Band

Inside he Album Competition Booth, where you write an entry to one of the four songs and cross your antennae!

The Bin Band is a group of musicians that love music! These Bin Weevils are: Song, Bongo, Jam and Slam. Sometimes Tink and Clott join in, or sometimes Fab with her golden saxophone, but they don't do it for a living like the first four. 

They make a great team; with Song (you guessed it, singing), Slam rocking the tunes Bongo drumming and Jam playing the guitar, they make a great sound! (You should hear them!)

They have also released an album, with a little help from Dosh and his mountains of Mulch, which came out on 1st April 2013 (April Fools Day.)


Song is the singer of the band. She writes the songs and is the leader of the group, followed by Slam, Jam, and Bongo. She is one of the two girls in the Gong family, the other being Tong (who is not a member of the Bin Band).

She sometimes asks Bunty to help her out in making a song, and even sometimes asks her to play (she's a rocker with the guitar!)

Slam, Bongo & Jam

Slam is the DJ of the Bin, so she's ideal to be picked to play at a concert! Her brother Jam, is a guitar enthusiast, so he's fit for the band, too!

They both have played in the Band since it started, so they ALWAYS know what they're doing! They never let their team-mates down!

Bin Weevils come from all round the Bin to see the fourth and final entry to the Bin Band, Song's older brother Bongo! He plays the drums, and has played them since he was 3. His first drum kit was made out of pots and pans, and he made such a racket that the neighbours bought him a real drum kit! And that's a fact!