Your Bin Card

Your Bin Card

Your Bin Card is a little daily reward thing. Your Bin Card has many rewards that you can earn! This is a very good way to get more mulch/dosh and get some great vouchers! There are many other prizes to. Your Bin Card is where you stamp the card everyday and get a prize. Once you finish once card, you move onto the next one, and then the process repeats until you go onto bincard# 16.

Rewards and Prizes

There are many rewards and prizes you can earn. Theese are things like:

  • Mulch
  • Dosh
  • Voucher

    Hem's Hats Voucher

    Vouchers - Bin Mart, Nestco, Hems Hat, SWS Missions.
  • Puzzle Piece
  • Exclusive Seeds
  • Nest Items
  • XP

Once you have completed the all of the Bin Cards, you will receive all puzzle pieces that you may have passed on when not being a Bin Tycoon.

Bin Tycoons Only

However, there are some rewards that can only be obtained by Bin Tycoon Members. Non-Tycoon Memebers can not get those prizes. The rewards are: (for bin tycoons) Vouchers; puzzle pieces and mystery plants.

The BinCards

Bin Card 9

Bin Card #9 Lab

On your Bin Cards, there are many characters who represent the card. The order of those characters are:

  1. Tink
  2. Clott
  3. Bunty
  4. Posh
  5. Dosh
  6. Scribbles
  7. Flam
  8. Gam
  9. Lab
  10. Nest Inspector
  11. Garden Inspector
  12. Thugg (W.E.B)
  13. Fling

HOW MANY Bin Cards are currently in the game?

There are currently 16 bin cards.