Bin Weevils is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by Bin Weevils Limited in 2007.

Bin Weevils is an engaging environment which brings social and educational values to children by providing a safe space for them to communicate with other players, and providing multiplayer games.

Users need to survive in the Bin Weevils by staying fit, fed and financed. To do so players must build on their social skills and rely on one another to complete missions, tasks and maintain virtual jobs. In return they earn Mulch to spend in the Shopping Mall or grab a bite to eat in Figg's Cafe or Tum's Diner.

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Players get to create and look after their own avatar and explore all of the opportunities the virtual world can offer: they can chat and socialise with friends, play games, adopt a pet, grow gardens, decorate their nest, collect items, play missions, watch cartoons, read books previews in the virtual library, level up, write magazines, enter competitions, create their own virtual business, and much more. Players will find hours of entertainment exploring the virtual world and all that it has to offer.


Map Explore the Binscape and its vast locations.
Nest Your virtual home on Bin Weevils. Decorate your nest rooms with flowers, plants, trophies, wallpapers, flooring, lighting, gadgets and all sorts of items from Nestco, the Bin Weevils department store ran by Grott.
Garden Your virtual garden on Bin Weevils. Decorate your garden with plants, seeds and furniture from the Garden Shop ran by Tab. Harvest your blooming gardens for Mulch and XP.
Plaza Located underneath your nests are Plazas. Plazas are virtual businesses on Bin Weevils. Decorate your clubhouses with party items and accessories for players to visit. In return you will receive Mulch earnings for the amount of customers you attract.
Level / XP XP is gained by every activity on Bin Weevils and is a level of measurement of a player's progress on Bin Weevils. You can earn XP by completing broad activities around Bin Weevils.
Bin Cards Bin Cards are a daily reward scheme on Bin Weevils. Stamp your Bin Card every day for Mulch, Dosh, XP and exclusive nest items, plants, seeds and vouchers.
Bin Badges Bin Badges are a type of reward in Bin Weevils which are earned by completing broad activities and tasks.
Bin Bots Bin Bots are cute collectible creatures for your weevil to obtain. Each Bin Bot has its own personality and unique design. You can get them from the Bin Bots Claw Machine and mix potions to get them from the Bin Bots Maker, both machines found at Lab's Lab.
Games Players can play a wide variety of games on Bin Weevils. There are several leaderboards on games. You can keep an eye on your friend's scores on the buddy list leaderboards.
ATM Machines Players can earn earnings through their plaza and magazine businesses along with a Dosh salary.
Magazines Players can become a news reporter and write weekly magazines inside the Editor's Office at Flem Manor. They can decorate their magazines with stickers and personalize their issues. In return, you can receive Mulch earnings for ratings and readership of each each.
Virtual camera Players have access to a virtual camera; this is where they can snap photos of their journey around Bin Weevils. They can take pictures for their magazine issues.
Bin Pets Bin Pets are the virtual pets on Bin Weevils. Cute and bouncy, they are your companion in the Binscape. Players can adopt a Bin Pet, pick its own unique colour and name inside the Bin Pet Shop at Bin Pet Paradise. Bin Pets can be looked after by feeding them and training them to do tricks, including juggling and fetching. Each Bin Pet trick and skill comes with its own unique level, progress, stars or juggling boards.
Photo Studio A discontinued feature located inside plazas. You could decorate photo studios with props and decorations for players to visit. Players could pick from several frames and take pictures for their nest rooms. For every photo purchased you would receive Mulch earnings.
Buddy List This is where your added buddies are located. You can add other players via their profile card. This is also where you can locate online buddies.
Buddy Messages This is where you can send virtual messages to your buddies and communicate.
Buddy News This is where you can view what your buddies are up to. When they complete levels, missions and other activities you will be alerted here.
Buddy Leaderboards This is where you can challenge your buddies to reach high scores on the many games around Bin Weevils.
Invite list Like a party invite list, this is where you can view the nests you have been invited to visit. You can deny a nest invite or save it for later.
Guest list Like a party guest list, this is where you can view a list of players you have invited to your nest.
Actions This is where you can perform special actions. You gain special actions via levelling to high levels and completing missions.
TV This button refers you to Tycoon TV Towers where you can watch TV shows with your friends.
Private cinema This is a private cinema in your nest. You can decorate your private cinema with items and invite players over to watch TV shows together.


''Sophisticated, simple, easy. Nestco is here to make your online shopping experience as smooth as you want. Whatever you need, at the click of a mouse.''

Introduced in August 2012 and ran by Gott, Nestco is the main department store in Bin Weevils located inside the Shopping Mall. Its purpose is to showcase a variety of items that you can spend your hard earned Mulch and Dosh on. Nestco is a parody of the British supermarket Tesco.

On the Nestco main menu you will find featured items, nest items, Nestige, bundles and showroom. Nest items will display every item category for you to purchase items. Nestige is the Nest Inspector's range of prestigious nest items for award-winning rooms. Bundles showcase different item themes. The showroom offers a preview at new item themes.

There are over 18 item categories such as wallpapers, flooring, lighting, tables, plants, kitchen, bathroom, gadgets, etc. You can find the most popular items in each category on the left hand side. Every item purchased rewards players with a certain amount of XP and Nest Coolness. Players must obtain a minimum level to purchase some items.

Nestco store.jpg

Introduced in 2010 and ran by Tab, the Garden Shop is located on the second floor of the Shopping Mall. You can access the shop directly from your bin garden via the buy seeds sign.

This is the shop where you purchase garden essentials such as seeds, furniture, fences, statues, decorations, rare items, etc. Before purchasing, a pop-up will appear showing you how long a plant grows for, its harvesting requirements and its XP and Mulch rewards. Items rotate every 30 minutes so there is always something to purchase. Rarer plants and items have a medium and super rare symbol. Players must obtain a minimum level to purchase garden items.

Gardenshop bw.jpg

Housed next door, the Garden Plots Shop ran by the Garden Inspector is the location where Bin Tycoons expand their garden to large, deluxe and super deluxe sizes. Every item you purchase will be delivered to the My Stuff Box. This is where every item you have collected will be placed. The My Stuff Box has several categories to help you find each item. You can sell unwanted items at the Haggle Hut and in return receive Mulch earnings.

Several Bin Tycoon shops are located throughout Bin Weevils. Hem's Hats in Dosh's Palace sells Hem's hat collections for your weevil. The Party Shop outside Club Fling sells party accessories for business plazas. Snappy's Photo Studio outside Rum's Airport sells props for photo studios. The Cinema Shop outside Rigg's Movie Multiplex sells items for private cinemas. Rigg's Property Shop inside Shopping Mall is the location where Bin Tycoons upgrade their nests rooms and purchase a plaza unit. Bin Pet Shop inside Bin Pet Paradise sells pet items, toys, food and accessories.

Nests & gardens

Nests are virtual homes in Bin Weevils. You can obtain up to eight nest rooms and decorate each room with flowers, plants, trophies, thrones, lighting, wallpapers, floors and other nest items. Items can be purchased from Nestco and previously Bin Mart inside the Shopping Mall including bundles, XP bottle potions and item ranges. To decorate, you drag items out from your My Stuff Box.

Bin gardens are virtual gardens in Bin Weevils. You can obtain large and deluxe garden sizes and decorate your garden with a wide variety of items and plants. Your garden requires special attention such as daily watering and harvesting. Plants and seeds reward you with Mulch and XP every day. Some plants and items are rarer to obtain. Plants, seeds and items can be obtained from the Garden Shop inside the Shopping Mall. To plant and decorate, you drag items out from your My Stuff Box.


Plazas are virtual businesses in Bin Weevils. Bin Tycoons can obtain up to four clubhouses and in the past a photo studio. They can decorate their plaza clubs with a variety of party items and customisations for players to visit. In return, Bin Tycoons receive Mulch earnings. The longer customers stay in plazas the more XP they earn. Plaza items can be obtained at the Party Shop outside Club Fling and previously Snappy's Photo Studio outside Rum's Airport.

Nest Coolness is the house rating system in Bin Weevils. The more weevils you invite to your nest the higher Nest Coolness and XP you will receive. There are eleven stages of Nest Coolness and each stage requires a rigorous nest rating. Nest Coolness changes at the end of each day of you redecorate. It'll also go up if you get good nest ratings from your guests. Some items can increase your Nest Coolness.

Want to earn a trophy? Get high Nest Coolness to unlock a special camera and send the Nest Inspector pics of your nest rooms. Once you have expanded your garden to the deluxe garden size and decorate it fully, you can submit your garden to the Garden Inspector. Bronze, silver and gold nest and garden trophies are rewarded every month from the Nest Inspector and Garden Inspector. Best Nest and Garden of the Week are weekly contests showcasing the very best nest interiors and garden designs.


The SWS or Secret Weevil Service is a secret agency of protagonistic weevils. Their main aim is to save Bin Weevils from WEB (Weevil Extermination Borough). They are based at Castle Gam inside their HQ. Castle Gamis an enchanted like castle filled with secrets, history and mystery. The castle is the home of Gam, the chief of the SWS and his pet Dragon, Colin. Colin is a large, serpentine legendary creature that resides in his castle and appears throughout the lore of Bin Weevils. The lore and storyline is largely based around SWS Missions, SWS Special Ops and SWS Case Files. There are over 15 missions in total; most are lengthy, well detailed and remain quite complex to complete. Most missions date from 2010, however, some missions date back to 2009.

To officially become an SWS Agent on a mission and explore hundreds of secretive locations, including perks, click the SWS portal in your nest and answer the quiz with well behaved answers. This is the location where you access your accepted missions from Castle Gam HQ. Throughout some mission gameplay you can use your Dosh coins for some helpful advice gameplay tips. The SWS Training Room inside the Special Ops HQ at Castle Gam prepares all new members of the SWS. Once you're a member of the SWS, you can begin to explore missions. There is a wide variety of missions which you can play with story arcs, characters, puzzles, challenges and activities.

There are multiple missions, these include:

  • The Lost Silver Knight
  • The Lost Blue Diamond Part 1
  • The Lost Blue Diamond Part 2
  • Totem of the Aztecs
  • Jack and the Binstalk
  • Trouble at Castle Gam Part 1
  • Trouble at Castle Gam Part 2
  • Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet
  • The Hunt for Weevil X
  • Danger at Dosh's Palace
  • Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers
  • Laboratory Lockdown
  • Good VS WeEVIL
  • Micro Mayhem
  • Scribbles the Secret Hunter

Once you have completed the SWS Special Ops and SWS Case Files you will be graded either an A, B or C on your mission performance. You can replay tthe missions to try and enrich your stars and unlock the golden SWS Bin Badges. The SWS missions remain challenging, yet rewarding. Some remain more easier to fullfil than others. SWS missions have 5 broad stars to complete, while SWS case files have 3 stars to complete. Every SWS mission you complete will reward you with a set of rewards such as rare items, special movies, XP and Mulch.

Games and activities

Minigames are interactive puzzles scattered around Bin Weevils. Players can play a wide variety of games on Bin Weevils. There are several leaderboards on games. You can keep an eye on your friend's scores on the buddy list leaderboards. By playing these games, you can earn Mulch and XP.

There are a lot of different games both single and multiplayer.  Some of the most popular minigames are Tink's Blocks, Weevil Wheels, Lab's Daily Brain Strain, Sink's Ships, Manic Manor, Mulch Dig, Whack a Weevil, Smoothie Shack and Target Practice. Word puzzles at Flem Manor are also a popular activity. Many minigames reside throughout game locations, SWS missions and limited time only events such as the Summer Fair. The Summer Fair is a popular event during the June and August months featuring fairground like games, challenges, prizes, foods and booths. Some games reward Bin Tycoons with bonus Mulch and XP earnings.

2 player games can be found throughout the game such as Pool, Konnect Mulch, Flip Mulch and Squares. You can join in as an opponent and watch other weevils complete in 2 player games. The Pool Hall outside Club Fling is a popular room for tournaments. There are Bin Pet games at GymPet. Playing these games will reward your Bin Pet with happiness, fitness and endurance points daily.

In the summer months, the Summer Fair is an annual update on the calendar featuring prizes, challenges, foods, booths and leaderboards. There are many fun fairground games to play, many delicious foods to eat, and great prizes to be earned. Popular fairground games include Duck Soaker, Find The Bin Bot, Claw Machine, Gam's Cannon, Gong's Hammer, Bin the Ball, Spin the Wheel, Fab's Fortune Teller and Bin Pet Bounce. Ram's Pop Up Arcade also returns housing games such as Lab's Potion Party, Gem's Asteroid's Blast and Wink's Pirate Gauntlet. Some games at the Summer Fair have universal leaderboards and reward players with Tokens. Bin Tycoons are rewarded with bonus Token earnings throughout the Summer Fair. In the final weeks of the Summer Fair, Bin Tycoons receive triple Tokens on all games.

Bin Cards are a daily reward feature in Bin Weevils. Every day you can stamp your Bin Card for various rewards. There are many incentives for your Bin Card that you can receive such as Mulch, Dosh, vouchers, SWS missions, plants, garden seeds and puzzle pieces. There are over 16 Bin Cards and each come with a character and a new set of prizes and puzzles. The puzzle pieces are used to complete set puzzles. When you complete each puzzle, you will earn exclusive in-game rewards. There are some rewards that can only be obtained by Bin Tycoon Members. These rewards include vouchers to spend in Nestco and Hem's Hats. Free access to SWS Missions at Castle Gam can also be obtained.

Bin Badges are a type of reward on Bin Weevils which are earned by completing broad activities and tasks. Each Bin Badge has five stars and tasks to complete. Once you have completed every broad task and star you will receive a golden Bin Badge. Once you have completed the SWS Bin Badges  you will be graded either an A, B or C on your mission performance. You can replay these missions to try and get the perfect score and the golden Bin Badge. The SWS Missions are challenging, yet rewarding. SWS missions have 5 broad stars to complete, while SWS case files have 3 stars to complete


Experience points (XP) are awarded to players as a measure of their progress within Bin Weevils.  In Bin Weevils, players must obtain a minimum level to perform certain actions and purchase certain virtual goods. Every action on Bin Weevils rewards you with XP. Planting and harvesting your bin garden, buying furniture for your nest, unlocking Mystery Codes, visiting plazas, inviting players to your nests, completing missions, purchasing Bin Bots from the Claw Machine, playing games and stamping your Bin Card daily are the best and easiest ways to earn XP.  

Lab's Daily Brain Strain at Lab's Lab is a recommend for earning XP every day. Gardening is a useful way for earning daily XP. Every seed rand item ewards players will a certain maximum of XP, with rarer and more expensive plants rewarding higher XP. Several minigames reward bonus XP earnings for Bin Tycoons. Currently, the maximum level for a weevil is 80 at approximately 2840000 XP. Each level comes with a maximum number of XP to earn and a trophy.

You can place the level up trophies in your nest rooms. A weevil with high XP will have a high level. Once a weevil has reached level 80 they can still carry on earning XP.  It is known that many weevils have gained over 70000000 XP.

  • Level 1 = 0xp
  • Level 2 = 30xp
  • Level 3 = 60xp
  • Level 4 = 90xp
  • Level 5 = 150xp
  • Level 6 = 300xp
  • Level 7 = 500xp
  • Level 8 = 750xp
  • Level 9 = 1000xp
  • Level 10 = 1400xp
  • Level 11 = 2000xp
  • Level 12 = 2700xp
  • Level 13 = 3600xp
  • Level 14 = 4600xp
  • Level 15 = 5700xp
  • Level 16 = 6900xp
  • Level 17 = 8200xp
  • Level 18 = 9600xp
  • Level 19 = 11000xp
  • Level 20 = 12500xp
  • Level 21 = 14000xp
  • Level 22 = 15600xp
  • Level 23 = 17200xp
  • Level 24 = 18900xp
  • Level 25 = 20600xp
  • Level 26 = 22400xp
  • Level 27 = 24200xp
  • Level 28 = 26100xp
  • Level 29 = 28000xp
  • Level 30 = 30000xp
  • Level 31 = 32000xp
  • Level 32 = 35000xp
  • Level 33 = 38000xp
  • Level 34 = 41000xp
  • Level 35 = 44500xp
  • Level 36 = 48000xp
  • Level 37 = 51500xp
  • Level 38 = 55000xp
  • Level 39 = 59000xp
  • Level 40 = 63000xp
  • Level 41 = 67000xp
  • Level 42 = 71000xp
  • Level 43 = 75000xp
  • Level 44 = 79000xp
  • Level 45 = 84000xp
  • Level 46 = 89000xp
  • Level 47 = 94000xp
  • Level 48 = 99000xp
  • Level 49 = 104000xp
  • Level 50 = 109000xp
  • Level 51 = 115000xp
  • Level 52 = 122000xp
  • Level 53 = 130000xp
  • Level 54 = 139000xp
  • Level 55 = 149000xp
  • Level 56 = 159000xp
  • Level 57 = 169000xp
  • Level 58 = 179000xp
  • Level 59 = 189000xp
  • Level 60 = 200000xp
  • Level 61 = 220000xp
  • Level 62 = 250000xp
  • Level 63 = 290000xp
  • Level 64 = 340000xp
  • Level 65 = 400000xp
  • Level 66 = 460000xp
  • Level 67 = 520000xp
  • Level 68 = 580000xp
  • Level 69 = 640000xp
  • Level 70 = 740000xp
  • Level 71 = 860000xp
  • Level 72 = 1000000xp
  • Level 73 = 1160000xp
  • Level 74 = 1340000xp
  • Level 75 = 1540000xp
  • Level 76 = 1760000xp
  • Level 77 = 2000000xp
  • Level 78 = 2260000xp
  • Level 79 = 2540000xp
  • Level 80 = 2840000xp

You can view your buddy list's level and XP leaderboard via the buddy list. In addition your XP bar on the game sidebar shows your current level and XP and the required number of XP you need to gain. Once you have earned enough XP to level up, the "My Nest" icon, in the bottom left hand corner of your screen, will begin to glow.  When this happens, click the icon to return to your nest. You will hear fireworks and your weevil will start glowing. A sign will come down from the ceiling to congratulate you on having levelled up.

Virtual currency


Mulch is the main currency on Bin Weevils. Mulch can be earned by playing minigames, missions, case files, selling unwanted items and gardening. Mulch can be used to buy a vast range of items and other activities around Bin Weevils.

How to earn Mulch fast:

  • Play minigames
  • Enter Mystery Codes at the Mystery Code Machine at Lab's Lab
  • Complete puzzles and challenges around the Bin
  • Plant and harvest seeds in your bin garden hourly and daily
  • Complete missions and case files at Castle Gam
  • Stamp your Bin Card daily for Mulch rewards
  • Sell your unwanted nest items at the Haggle Hut at Gong's Pipenest
  • Collect a Mulch Tastic lottery ticket every day at Weevil Post


The Dosh coin, or just Dosh, is an additional currency introduced in 2012 by the Dosh family. Dosh is intended as a premium currency on Bin Weevils. Unlike the currency Mulch, Dosh is more challenging to earn. Becoming a Bin Tycoon will reward you with a Dosh salary daily and monthly as well as other features such as Bin Cards. In the same way, Dosh has superceded Bin Tycoon Membership protection on some items.  

Players can spend their Dosh coins on funky and stylish hats at Hem's Hats, deluxe and exclusive stock at Nestco and collective Bin Bot creatures at Lab's Lab. They can also use their Dosh coins to help make SWS missions easier and to unlock extra help and tricks.

How to earn Dosh fast:

  • Become a Bin Tycoon
  • Purchasing Dosh packages on the membership page
  • Collect your daily Dosh salary from the ATM Machines
  • Stamping your Bin Card for Dosh rewards
  • Enter Mystery Codes at the Mystery Code Machine at Lab's Lab
  • Purchase Bin Weevils products and books for exclusive codes
  • Opening your daily Advent Calendar throughout December

Occasionally, you can earn Dosh from your daily Bin Cards. The amount of Dosh earned depends on what Bin Card number you are on - if you are on the first few, you will get small amounts, whereas if you are on the last ones, you will get bigger amounts. There are also available in vouchers to spend at Nestco and Hem's Hats.

Bin Pets

Bin Pets are the virtual pets on Bin Weevils. Cute and bouncy, they are your companion in the Binscape. Players can adopt a Bin Pet, pick its own unique colour and name inside the Bin Pet Shop. Ran by the character Dott, this shop sells pet items, toys, accessories and food inside Bin Pet Paradise. For helpful advice on caring for your new pet, be sure to click on Dott inside her shop.

They can be brought at the Bin Pet Shop for 5000 Mulch. Once purchased, its bed and food bowl will arrive to your nest. You can decorate a room just for your Bin Pet with toys and nest items. Bin Pets can be looked after by feeding them and training them to do tricks, including juggling and fetching. Players can teach their Bin Pet to climb on their avatar and explore the Binscape with them or on their back. In addition, looking after a Bin Pet involves regular exercises and feeding. Each Bin Pet trick and skill comes with its own unique level, progress, stars or juggling boards.

Your Bin Pet can be dressed up inside PetStyle located in Bin Pet Paradise. Other players can see your Bin Pet's profile by clicking on it including its adoption date, pet status, skills and its profile picture. There are many skills that can be unlocked which may not appear on the profile. You can care and play with Bin Pets including keeping a strong eye on their food, vitality, fitness and endurance mechanics. You can change your Bin Pet's colour at any time at the Bin Pet Changer inside PetStyle. Your Bin Pet's profile picture can be taken inside the Photo Studio at PetStyle. This can include outfits, costumes and backgrounds.

There are Bin Pet games at GymPet. Ran by the character Gong, GymPet is a location inside Bin Pet Paradise where your Bin Pet can exercise. Playing these games will reward your Bin Pet with happiness, fitness and endurance points daily. New players can experience what it's like caring for a Bin Pet for 24 hours at Pet For A Day inside the Bin Pet Shop. New Bin Tycoons can claim a VIP gift set at the Bin Pet Shop. In November 2013, Bin Pets received new profiles. Bin Pets now have their own profiles and a more smoother experience, including improvements in their care management and skill progression. Juggling boards were introduced. Before 2013, some players found the skill progression for Bin Pets challenging. Nowadays the progression and overall care management for Bin Pets remains complex yet easier to get around.


In the spring, Easter updates involve an egg hunt. In more recent years, this was named The Great Egg Hunt. In the past, there was a special area Spring Festival location featuring the character Hunt and her Easter egg combination machine. By completing combinations players would earn exclusive prizes. There was also a Bin Tycoon minigame that rewarded players XP and items. The Easter Pop-Up Shop sells spring nest items throughout the Easter months at the Shopping Mall.

In the summer, the Summer Fair returns featuring fairground like minigames, leaderboards, challenges, booths, food and prizes. In summer 2013, there was a Weekly Challenge in the main area, containing weekly challenge or puzzle players had to complete around the Bin. Players who entered every challenge for 6 weeks continously would be entered into a draw to win exclusive real-life prizes and Bin Weevils products. In summer 2014, the Funhouse opened its doors at the Summer Fair. This gigantic Bin Tycoon only area featured several rooms and activities including a maze, black and white room, upside down room and Slime Pool. Leaderboards were also added to several fairground games as well as new prizes at the Prize Hut. The Super Antenna Tent was also introduced. In summer 2015, Ram's Pop Up Arcade made its debut at the Summer Fair. This arcade featured minigames and great prizes. Players earn Tokens by playing minigames such as Duck Soaker or Gam's Cannon and in return can purchase prizes for their nest rooms. The Gunge Tent is a Bin Tycoon area where players on two celebrity teams face off each other to stop their chosen celebrity from being gunged.

In the autumn, Halloween updates revolve around the Halloween Dungeon at Castle Gam. The Halloween Dungeon houses the Witches Cafe, Manic Manor minigame (ghost hunting game), Spooky Science mission and Flem's Treasure Vault. In the past, there was a strong tradition for hosting Halloween parties at Flem Manor. Bin Tycoons can explore Flem's Treasure Vault for treasure and rewards. Players can also become ghosts, werewolves, bats and pumpkins via special actions. Locations around Bin Weevils also are decorated for the season. There are many great Halloween nest items to be won and earned. The Halloween Pop-Up Shop sells Halloween nest items throughout October at the Shopping Mall.

In the winter, Christmas updates revolve around Winter Wonderland. This is a seasonal location themed around winter. Inside Winter Wonderland players can find Lab's winter XP potion boosts, a build a snow weevil hunt, an ice rink and the SWS Mission: The Bin's Big Freeze. The Super Antenna Tent also houses a a seasonal Super Antenna. The Advent Calendar is a daily reward feature throughout December. Players can receive daily nest items, garden items, Mulch, Dosh and XP by opening their calendar. Locations around Bin Weevils also are decorated for the season. Past activities and locations include Bing's Grotto, Bing's Daily Presents and a Christmas tree hunt. The Christmas Pop-Up Shop sells winter nest items throughout December at the Shopping Mall.


Bin Weevils revolves around over 40 characters and 15 family lines. Each have their own unique back story, storytelling and personality.

Early characters involved from the Bin Weevils cartoons on Nickelodeon. Many characters and families feature in-game through engaging storytelling, and others remain more important to the Bin Weevils marketing, magazines, books and trading cards. There are also locations items throughout the game inspired around characters, their unique personalities and backstories.

It is sometimes, but not always, true that the family is named after the second most famous weevil within it. This affect can be observed in the Rott, Ink, Punt, Flem, Tab, Kip, Rum and Bing; although it falls apart for the Dosh, Flem and Gong families. Locations around Bin Weevils are themed around these characters and their families.

Bin Tycoon

Bin Tycoon is a feature that allows Bin Weevils to advance to the next stage. Bin Tycoon requires payment, but there are many things you can do when becoming a Bin Tycoon.

Being Bin Tycoon unlocks a wide range of content and exclusive features in the Bin, including, but not limited to:

  • Bin Pets
  • Plazas
  • More XP
  • Dosh
  • Deluxe gardens and more nest rooms
  • Exclusive nest items and garden seeds
  • Parties and games
  • Write your magazine with a virtual camera, snap photos
  • Tycoon TV
  • Exclusive Bin Card rewards
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