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Welcome to Bin Weevils Wiki, the most comprehensive source of information on the site available on the internet. You can use this site to find information and game tips free of charge, and all of the text and images on this site may be used freely (although text should be accredited). there are several administrators (or "admins") who will be happy to help guide you through the wiki, although the main tool most people will need is the search bar at the top. For the select few who decide to contribute to the site by writing or editing articles, please don't hesitate to ask for help, wether you are an experienced veteran or a newbie with an interest in Bin Weevils.

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Lia. Let's have a look at an exert from this article:

Lia is a weevil in Bin Weevils. She has appeared soley in SWS missions, the first bieng Mission 4. She later made an appearance in Mission 5, where it was comfirmed that she was in fact Octeelia, the spider who operates WEB... See full article for more information on this fiendish weevil trickstar.

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Quackerpingu. Let's find out why Kerry Stapleton has chosen him this month.

"Well, it's been a close one between him and Bella966, although his bolt-from-the-blue rise and highly useful work in all aspects of the wiki have been astronomical, and his rise has been nothing short of meteoric. Let's hope that he stays here for a long time, especially given the fact that he has been recently offered administrative status, an offer which we are delighted to say that he has accepted."

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