There are twelve Bin Weevil families altogether, and usually most of the weevils in the family have identical or similar appearances, but have different personalities and have the same endings in their names.

It is sometimes, but not always, true that the family is named after the second most famous weevil within it. This affect can be observed in the Rott, Ink, Punt, Flem, Tab, Kip, Rum and Bing; although it falls apart for the Dosh, Flem and Gong families.

Ink family

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The Ink family includes the following characters: Ink, Tink, Stink, Clink, Fink, Dink, Sink, Pink and Wink.

Rott family

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The Rott family includes: Rott, Clott, Blott, Spot, Grott, Bott, Dott, Gott and Jott.

Punt family

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The Punt family is shown above. Punt, Funt, Bunt, Runt, Stunt, Grunt and Hunt belong here. Please note that Bunty is just Bunt's nickname, although she has probably never been called Bunt anywhere other than the old bin.

Rigg family

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The Rigg family is shown above. Rigg, Bigg, Tigg, Figg, Sigg, Prigg, Twigg, Trigg, Digg and Wigg belong here.

Gam family

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The Gam family consists of these weevils: Gam, Bam, Flam, Slam, Ram, Cram, Scram, Ham and Jam.

Flem family

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The Flem family's contains Flem, Hem, Clem, Blem, Shem, Trem, Mem, Kem and Gem.

Rum/Tum family

Rum family

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The Rum family only appeared in the old bin, and it is shown above. Rum, Gum, Tum, Sum, Hum and Slum belong here. Though Flum has an ending like the weevils in the Rum family, he is not related to the family.

Tum family

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The Tum family is shown above. It was called the Rum Family in the old bin. Tum, Rum, Sum, Fum, Glum and Slum belong here. Though Flum has an ending like the weevils in the Tum family, he is not related to the family.

Dosh family

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The Dosh family's members are shown above. The weevils that belong here are Dosh, Kosh, Gosh, Bosh, Posh, Slosh, Splosh, Tosh, Van Gosh, Magrosh, Nosh and Mosh. Note that some of them may be already dead. The images of these additional members appear in a section of Dosh's Palace.

Tab family

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Tab Family's appearances are shown above. Tab, Lab, Dab, Nab, Pab, Fab and Gab are included in the family.

Kip family

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Kip, Ship, Zip, Sip, Rip, Tip, Flip and Dip belong to the Kip family.

Gong family

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The Gong family is shown above. Gong, Thong, Dong, Bong, Pong, Song, Kong Fu, Tong and Bongo belong here.

Bing family

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The Bing family is shown above. Bing, Fling, Ring, Ding, Sing, Bling, Zing, Sling and Thing belong here. They all aren't on the picture, as some were introduced later.


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This is not a family, but a gang which Octeelia (spider), Thugg, Thugg, Thugg, Thugg and Weevil X are part of.

Extras family

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This family includes other characters which are not featured in the main Bin families. The characters that belong here are Big Weevil, Nest Inspector, Colin, Snappy, Garden Inspector and Scribbles (Flum). These are mainly well-known characters in the Bin.