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Bing is a yellow Bin Weevil who loves Christmas. He has green Mulch earmuffs and a Santa hat and red and white scarf. He has twins just like Thugg. He is in the Adventures of Tink & Clott cartoons, where Tink and Clott take some of his fake snow, which is actually washing powder, and make snowcones to sell to the boiling Bin Weevils. However, they realise it isn't an edible snowcone, so the Bin Weevils turn into snow zombies and chase Tink and Clott. They jump into Bing's sledge, and Bing holds onto the end, and it goes up into the sky. They crash in Bing's nest, and Bing shouts "TINK! CLOTT!" He is Fling's younger brother and second main character in the family. The whole family is: Fling, Zing, Bing, Bling, Thing & Sling. He is very creative and makes all of his decorations by hand. He makes at least one decoration every day of the year! He is in  the bing family.