Bing's Grotto
Vital statistics
Location Right next to Club Fling
Release Date 2007 (Removed in 2011)
Character Bing
Attractions N/A
Games N/A
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Bings Grotto was an original place in Bin Weevils. As part of the old Club Fling area, it was a 3D Zone, and it could get quite busy during peak periods. It was, coupled with Club Fling, the fifth busiest area in the Bin.


It was introduced in 2007, and it was the 'location' for Bing . It had a curious quadrilateral of usable space, unlike many of the other areas in the bin. In 2011, it was replaced with a newer version of Club Fling. 

On the top left you would be able to enter the Pool Hall where you can play games of Pool and get on top of the leader board.In the top right area where the balloons are, you could enter the old version of inside Club Fling (without going upstairs into the games room). 

Today, its rough equivalent is the Pool Hall, although the latter doesn't have a weevil attributed to it, because it has become more attached to Club Fling, the opposite of what has happened to Weevil Post and Figgs Cafe.


  • The fact it is named 'Grotto' may be a reference to the Christmas theme of Bing.