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Clott stars in the Bin Weevils cartoons at Rigg's Movie Multiplex and has presented the Bin Weevils Show on Fun Kids since 2014, with Tink and Bex. He is known to be quite clumsy & silly, always causing chaos everywhere he goes!

Clott is part of the Rott Family. He has a very, very high pitched expression when he speaks, and is also best friends with Tink.

Clott profile

It is said that Clott has a crush on Posh, but when he tries to impress her it always comes out as a wibble! If you ever see him around the Bin, you'll definitely know it's him when you see his special profile card when you click on him...

The voice actor of Clott is Dexter Lund. Clott Is A idiot.



Clott can be found over at Tink's Tree, fishing with Tink. You can learn a little more about Clott when you click on his.

In the past, Clott had Retired And Now Works At The Weights Room At Gympet. of "Clott's Garden Plots" at the Tycoon Island Plaza - Garden Inspector now owns the shop & it is now known as just "Garden Plots"

Events & Visits

  • Clott participated in a race for the Red Nose Day event, in London.
  • Joined in with the fun Hide & Seek event, on 5th July 2010 with Tink.
  • Came over to Dosh's Palace to celebrate the Dosh's Palace Easter Egg competition winner!
  • Clott & Tink made a guest appearence at the Bin Weevil Company Tink's Takeover party!