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This is an article about the method of currency that was intoduced by Dosh to replace mulch in many cases. For other articles with the same name, see Dosh (Disambiguation).

The Dosh coin, or just Dosh, is an additional currency introduced in 2012 by the weevil Dosh. In some cases, it replaces the currency Mulch. An instance is that hats used to cost Mulch, but currently all hats cost Dosh. In the same way as Mulch, it can be obtained by all players.

In the same way, it has superceded Tycoon membership protection on some items, and it is very hard to attain as a normal weevil (unless you pay for it in the same way as buying tycoon membership). This is probably a deliberate way of satisfying the complaints about Tycoon Membership being "required" for most stuff whilst ensuring they still turn a profit.

Means of obtaining

Bin Card


A reward of Dosh received in a Bin Card.

Occasionally, you can earn Dosh from the Bin Card in your nest. The amount of Dosh earned depends on what Bin Card number you are on - if you are on the first few, you will get small amounts, whereas if you are on the last ones, you will get bigger amounts. These are also available in tokens to spend at Nestco and Hem's Hats.

Monthly salary

Players can attain Dosh every month as soon as they become a tycoon. The amount of Dosh earned depends on how long you are a tycoon - if you are on the first few months, you obtain less, whereas on the last months, you obtain more.


Sometimes Dosh codes are released, or are added as an additional reward in other codes. These can be available to all players. They can be hidden in on-game magazines and the Bin Weevils magazine editions.



Additional feature of watching adverts to attain Dosh.

There is an extra feature on Bin Weevils. When you watch a randomised advertisement, you receive one Dosh coin. This can be done everyday 10 times a day. With a 12-month membership this means in a year you can get a total high of 5,450 Dosh. 3,650 from monthly advertisements, and 1800 Dosh (150 Dosh x 12 Months) from salaries.


You can buy Dosh online on the Bin Weevils website. It is available in these currencies: the British pound, the Euro, the US dollar, the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar. The available packages are: 10 Dosh, 50 Dosh, 150 Dosh, and 360 Dosh.


Dosh coins can be used to buy hats and some furniture from Nestco (most of the items costing Dosh are available for tycoons, but some are available for everyone).

Bank of Dosh

According to one of the Bin Weevils magazines, there was to be a "Bank of Dosh" where you could exchange Mulch and Dosh at an unspecified rate (although with Dosh being worth more). This has not yet been implemented.