Binweevils has a lot of In-Game Elements.

Facial Expressions


Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions allow Weevils to share their emotions wiith their friends. (From Left to Right) Happy, Angry, Sad, Shocked, Needing Food, Sticking Toungue out and Bored. Most people use the happy expression, but for some Bin-Combinations it doesn't look right, like Bandit, his facial expression should be bored because it looks better on black. During 2009 - 2012, you couldn't set your facial expression, it did it automatically but in 2013 they changed it so you can set your facial expression again!

Special Moves


Special Moves

Special Moves allow the player to Dance, Super-Jump, Spin and Teleport. Certain moves can be unlocked by leveling up, and XP can make moves more powerful. Purple is the last color which is power 5, and the higher the power the more extreme the pheonomenon. By holding down the mouse, you can change the power rating.


A Bin Weevil had four main statistics; fun, fitness, hunger, and XP. In 2012, they removed the 'fun' bar, and in 2013 they added a feature whereby if you eat when your hunger bar is full (e.g. not hungry), you lose fitness at one-half the rate of your usual hunger gain: 

$ Hunger-OldHunger=y $

$ OldFitness-Fitness=0.5 * y $