Monty at his desk, relaxing.

Monty is Scribbles' cousin and is the Editor-In-Chief of Bin Weevils Magazine. He is best friends with Mudd and Glamm. He has a super antennae, just like Scribbles, Big Weevil, and the Maker.


Monty is yellow, and he has black legs, as nearly all Bin Weevils do. He has yellow eyes and wears a transaprent blue cap over his Super Antanne. He has a triangular head like Scribbles, and a square body, like Scribbles as well.

Bin Buddies & Family

Monty has a lot of Bin Buddies, but the most noticeable are Mudd, Glamm & Scribbles. He is also shown to be friends with Thing, because of his love of spooky things. He is a member of the 'Extras' Family, which is a family that is full of Bin Weevils, Bin Pets and Dragons who aren't in a specific family. The other members are:

Nest Inspector, The Recluse, Castle Guard, Colin, Baby Colin, Garden Inspector, Big Weevil, Snappy, Lady Wawa, Scribbles, Mudd and Glamm.


  • He was a recently new character featured in late 2011
  • He was the 4th weevil to get a Super Antenna