Rigg has some nests to rebuild, but still this article needs to be rewritten, as well! It is recommended you do that before Rigg rages.
Nest inside

Your nest is your home in Binweevils. By default, it contains 1 room and 1 small-sized garden. You can add more rooms or expand the garden by becoming a tycoon.

You can buy and add nest items to your nest, and add a plaza and home cinema if you are a tycoon.

During March 2017, Bin Weevils released a function for Bin Tycoon members only where they could auto harvest with the help of the Harvest Helpers. There is a 24 hour cool down after you use the function. You can however speed this up with 10 dosh.

What do I do when I bought my furniture?

You will find your furniture in your 'My Stuff Box' (the treasure box) and you can drag it into your nest.

How much does expanding your garden AND your nest cost?

The nest rooms cost about 3000-9000 mulch, so you can buy most of the nest rooms anyway. But it expanding your gardens is a bit expensive than nests. Here are the prices:

  1. Bigger garden 16,000 mulch.
  2. Even bigger garden 38,000 mulch.
  3. Deluxe garden 68,000 mulch.
  4. Super deluxe garden(the biggest garden) 105,000 mulch!

Don’t forget to expand your garden and nest so you can level up faster. Expanding your garden grows more plants and more XP.

The more nest rooms, the the more XP happen when weevils rate. You earn about 5-20XP when they rate it. So you can earn about 1000XP a day. Remember if your membership has expired, your rooms will no longer be there!