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Octeelia's Mulch Mayhem trading card.




WEB, Lab's science team (formally known as Lia)


Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers (As Lia), Laboratory lockdown

Octeelia is the sinister head of W.E.B. She first turned up as a little bin weevil called Lia in the mission SHOWDOWN AT TYCOON TV TOWERS. She used to be (or maybe is) best friends with Kosh. Kosh helped her and the other spiders into the bin through Dosh's Palace. A whole army of spiders had attacked the bin and they tried to take over it! Kosh was known as a traitor to her bin and many had said she had persuaded her Great-Uncle Slosh into becoming evil!

Although she is not a Bin Weevil and (she's a spider) she still hangs around in the bin.

She's always scheming evil plans with her other W.E.B agents, Weevil X and her legions of brainwashed henchmen (Eg. Thugg)

She is the only known spider to be in the Bin since The Great Bin War, but the SWS think more spiders might be lurking in the shadows.

The only SWS Mission she has appeared in her spider-form is Labatory Lockdown, right at the end where you save Lab. She unfortunately escapes though. She is presumed to be back in a new mission of the SWS, but nothing was heard of her since our last encounter with her in Laboratory Lockdown.