Peel Park
Vital statistics
Location Bin Top
Release Date 2007 (Old Bin), 2014 (re-release)
Character None
Attractions Large Weevil Statue
Games Whack a Weevil, Squares, Connect mulch
3D Features? Yes

Peel Park is a location accessed via the Time Portal. It was popular for the 3D camera and games, though only now for nostalgic reasons.

As of December 2017, this is the first former Old Bin room you can access when you go through the Time Portal at Bin Pet Paradise.

It's also one of just three rooms to currently exist to have 'loading...' and a various number. For Peel Park 'loading... (? of 34)', for Ink's Orange Peel 'loading... (? of 27)' and for Flum's Fountain it's usually 'loading... (? of 49)' but back in the day when there were other things it would update this number to 50 or 51.


Peel Park has been around since Bin Weevils was first created. It has always looked just about the same (except in the old Bin, of course, when it looked much different.)  It was the home of Whack a Weevil and the daily crown and hunt bubbles were usually hidden there, where you could see them by using the 3D Camera. It then returned in 2014 with the addition of Ink's Orange Peel with the addition of the Time Portal.

Original Removal

In July 2011, Peel Park was removed and replaced with Tink's Tree, to mixed reactions. Many people were upset that Peel Park was gone, as this meant Flum's Fountain was the last 3D place left in Binweevils. Peel Park was the only old Bin place left. A few months before Ink's orange peel, and Kip's Scrapyard were removed.