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Posh is Dosh's sister. She wears a silver tiara and she loves money just as much as Dosh does. In "Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet" binweevils SWS mission your goal is to give back the stolen Bin Pet to poor Posh which wants her Pet back from being stolen by the Evil Weevil X. Her Bin Pet's name is Lady Wawa. Lady Wawa became famous when she was kidnapped. Posh has also been involved in the SWS missions; she was one of the three hostages taken during the BINFTA Awards, in the SWS mission Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers, along with Big Weevil and Bunty. She also wears a white dress with a blue belt and pink lipstick, as opposed to her old red lipstick. She also still wears her beige pearl necklace, and she is the only Bin Weevil with a necklace. Her green eyes were replaced with light blue eyes and she now has a fatter, shorter head. In the advert to become a Bin Tycoon, Posh is wearing a top hat. She is one of the few weevils to have their apereance changed. She fell for Dosh's joke when he said they've ran out of money!