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This article is about something which was for a period of time or is no longer in Bin Weevils.
Rott's Fat Mound
Rott's Fat Mound
Vital statistics
Location Bin Bottom
Release Date Unknown, but before 2007.
Character Rott
Attractions None
Games Word Generator, Weevils on Ice
3D Features? No


Rott's Fat Mound was the area that corresponded to Rott; who is standing to the left of the Word Generator Sign, but shown in an isometric perspective. It was located in the Bin Bottom, near Rigg's Palladium, containing two games; Word Generator and Weevils-on-ICE! Unfortunately, Rott's Fat Mound didn't make it into the 2007 re-release of the game, although it still managed to make it onto the map. In 2009, When Figg's Cafe was added, it acted as a replacement for Rott's Fat Mound.


There are only two major attractions which are the Word Generator and Weevils on Ice Games. The mound itself could also be considered the main attraction.