The Blue Diamond was a two-part SWS mission from the old bin. It is no longer available, as all of the old SWS missions were removed when the bin changed into The Binscape.

Method of Completion

  1. Go to Mulch Island
  2. Go into the Jungle area and click the arrow in the bottom-right hand corner (Note: This will now take you to Digg's archielogical site from the Lost Bin Pet mission)
  3. Find the battery in the grass and drag it to the Metal Detector and it should go in.
  4. After that, drag the stick onto the dragger and then click it, you will get a shovel.
  5. Use the metal detector to find the location of the key and then use the shovel to dig it out (It's in a different location for everyone, although it shouldn't take too long to find)
  6. Now to get across you just need to super-jump over.
  7. There should then be a shape puzzle, explained by the video in the bottom-right of this page.
Blue Diamond - Shape Puzzle

Blue Diamond - Shape Puzzle

Tutorial on The Shape Puzzle