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The Weevil Changer is a feature inside Dosh's Palace which allows you to change the look of your Binweevil. It was launched in Early 2011, and is the first and only way you can change the look of your Bin Weevil.


The Weevil Changer allows you to change just about every feature of your Weevil. The Body, The eyes, the face, the antenna and the legs can all be changed. Any changes cost 150 mulch, as per the update of 2013.

2013 update

In March 2013, the Weevil Changer went through a massive update.

This update meant that only Tycoons can now change their look - anybody who changed their look before it was tycoon only are stuck with the last change they made.

This update also meant that the interior of the Weevil Changer was, er, 'changed'. Lot's of new colours were added, and you could finally get Black eyes, which were previously only exclusive to Big Weevil.

The price of changing your look in the Weevil Changer also increased from 100 mulch to 150 mulch, for unknown reasons.

This whole update to the weevil changer was relativily unannounced: there was no official mention on the Binweevils blog or in Weevil Weekly until many weeks later, when Scribbles mentioned 'Change your look now using the many new colours inside the Weevil Changer!'

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