Punt: Welcome to the royal Bin Weevil golf tournament. Now, who fancies a right royal crashing?
[swinging wedge]
Tink: I'll take you on, Punt!
Punt: [laugh] You young twits aren't posh enough to play golf!
Tink: I think he's scared, Clott.
Punt: Scared? [laugh] I'll teach you a jolly good lesson!
[hitting ball]
Clott: Tink, how are you gonna beat Punt?
Tink: I've got a plan!
[taking out bag]
[picking ball]
[hitting ball]
[stick hits Clott]
Clott: Oww!
Punt: This really is upsetting, is it?
[hitting ball gently]
[ball goes into hole]
[ball thrown]
Clott: Is it my go?
Tink:No, Clott!
[hitting ball]
[ball goes into hole]
Punt: You got mighty lucky that time, young chap!
Tink: It's not luck, Punt!
[picking ball]
[hitting ball]
[holding ball]
Clott: Is it my go yet?
Tink: No, Clott, one more good shot and I'll beat Punt!
[hitting ball]
[hitting Clott's head]
[Clott falling]
Crowd: [gasp]
[ball goes into hole]
Crowd: Hurrah!
Tink: Hooray!
Punt: I don't know how you did it.
Clott:Oh, my go!
[picking up wedge and ball]
[hitting ball]
Crowd: Hooray!
[trophy broken]
Tink:D'oh, Clott!
Crowd: [growl]
[picking up wedges]
[dropping trophy]
[dropping balls]
[Tink enters vehicle]
[Tink drives vehicle]
Tink: Jump in!
[Clott jumps in]
Punt: Tink, Clott!
[hitting balls]
Clott: Uh, Tink? How did you beat Punt anyway?
[picking ball]
Tink: Magnetic golf balls!
[ball attaches to metal]
Clott: Brilliant idea, Tink!
[turning around]
Tink: Ahh!
Clott: Ahh!