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This article is about something which was for a period of time or is no longer in Bin Weevils.
Rigg has some nests to rebuild, but still this article needs to be rewritten, as well! It is recommended you do that before Rigg rages.

Tycoon Island is a high class area in Binweevils which contains Tycoon TV Towers and the Slime Pool. Tycoon island used to be for Tycoons only, but Binweevils updated it recently which meant it is now available for anyone to enter.(Now it is not on the map anymore).

Main area

When you enter Tycoon island, you are faced with a circular floor with buildings surrounding it. You cannot currently go in any of these buildings, however clicking on some of them will cause a short animation.

In the centre is a golden helicopter which, when clicked on, the blades rotate.

Tycoon Island New Year 2011.

There are various pipes which take you to different places. There is also an 'Info' booth which has been closed since Tycoon island was first created. There is also a bank machine and a path that used to lead to the Tycoon plaza, but now leads to nowhere. Tycooon Island was used for New Year's Celebrations aswell as a Place to Meet GLAMM, MUDD and/or Scribbles.

In 2013, Tycoon Island was removed. There is no way to get back to it because of The Club Fling Remake.   

Tycoon TV Towers

Tycoon TV Towers is a massive cinema on Tycoon island, which anyone can enter. Paying subscribers can then watch a wide range of shows on Nick, Cartoon Network and BWTV (Binweevils' own show range). The range of shows is exactly the same as the ones in home cinemas and Rigg's Cinema.

Slime Pool

The Slime Pool is a tycoon only place which is, quite literally, a big pool of slime. There are stone steps leading up and a bridge which you can cross. You can slide down various slides, or click on one of the trampolines to perform the jump-flip action, even if you are below the required level to do it normally.


In the Slime Pool, there is also a 'Smoothie Shack'. In the Smoothie Shack, tycoons can serve or consume 'smoothies', in the same fashion that you can serve and consume food in the other eating establishments throughout Binweevils. There is also a range of instruments, labled the 'Band Stand', which, when you stand behind them, the music from the instruments will play.

SMOOTHIE SHACK SECRET: Boogie down at the Jam Stand on Tycoon Island, then head over to the Smoothie Shack! Sit on all the seats in the Jam Stand and then the Smoothie Shack and see what happens. Don't forget the seat behind the smoothie bar!

Tycoon Plaza

Up until March 2013, there was a place called 'Tycoon Plaza'. Tycoon Plaza featured a range of members-only shops. These rotated and differed slightly throughout the years but the longest running shops were

-Hem's hats (now at Dosh's palace)

-Nightclub shop (now at Club fling - previously called 'Tycoon Shop')

-Photo shop (now at Rum's airport)

-Cinema shop (now at Rigg's movie multiplex)

-Clott's garden plotts (now at the Shopping Mall)

The Tycoon Plaza was removed for unknown reasons in March 2013.

Upcoming / Unstated places

In 2012, when the new Dosh currency was introduced, it was announced that 'The Bin Bank of Dosh' would be built on Tycoon Island. Construction decorations were put in place, and remained there for months and months and months. No further news was given about the development of the Bin Bank of Dosh. In 2013, the construction decorations were removed, and all signs that there was a new development at Tycoon island ceased. It is unknown when or if the Bin Bank of Dosh will be revealed.

There is also a small booth called 'Info', which has been closed since Tycoon island was around. It is unknown whether the Info Booth is a real place that is closed, or simply a decoration.

Tycoon Island was removed in 2013, leading to the belief that The Bin Bank of Dosh is discontinued.