WeEVILS (or WeEvils) are evil, zombie Bin Weevils. Accidentally created by Lab while he was doing a dangerous experiment in his lab, Lab's Lab. He was trying to make a clone of every Bin Weevil, however, there turned up a mysterious gas that created new evil clones of the Bin Weevils, creating WeEVILS. They were in one of the Case Files, called Good VS WeEVIL.

There is a dimension called the WeEVIL dimension, and the WeEVILS are scared of Slime Sauce - when Slum threw a Slime Sauce at the WeEVIL version of Dosh, he ran away thereupon.The Card game Good VS WeEVIL includes the Good Weevils,the Bad WeEVILs and Code Cards.The cards have Mulch and Mayhem on them apart from the Code Cards that will give you Mulch or Items for your Nest.