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Weevil Wheels is a go-kart racing game found at Dirt Valley. There are three different tracks, a bronze, silver and gold trophy is obtainable from each. There are two different racing styles. The first is time trials, in which a player races on their own to try and achieve their best time. The second is multiplayer, in which you can race with one, two or three other players. During multiplayer, you can collect powerups which can be placed to slow down the other players.

Inside the track builder, Bin Tycoons can create their own track and submit it to a moderator. If the track is accepted, other players will be able to race on the track. Everytime someone races on their track the owner will recieve mulch, which can be collected from the atm. There are bronze, silver, and gold times for each track. If a player recieves a time in one of these categories, they will earn a set amount of mulch and xp. 

Screenshot 67

The interior of the track builder.

If a player completes a lap on track two in less than 20 seconds, or a lap on track three in less than 27 seconds, they will have the abillity to become a 'Weevil Wheels Track Tester', meaning that they can race on recently submitted tracks. Doing so will earn the player mulch.